Bob Zachmeier   

After 22 years at Texas Instruments/Raytheon, I quit my job and started Win3 Realty with my wife, Camille. Our philosophy was to create a company where every transaction was a win-win-win for the clients (buyers and sellers), the company (employees, agents, and owners), and the community (especially kids). The average agent sells 2-3 homes per year, but since starting Win3 Realty in April, 2004 we’ve averaged more than 300 homes per year. Sharing with others every step of the way is the secret to our success! Read my books to see how we’ve done it and helped others find success too. Check out to change the lives of others and to change your business!

We averaged a home sale every 33 HOURS, 24/7, every day since 2004!

When the REO deal flow dried up in 2012, I noticed that many self-employed business owners couldn’t obtain bank financing, I devised a way to help them buy a home using retirees who couldn’t live off the low interest paid by banks.

I published my 6th book titled, “Who Needs the BANK?” in October, 2018 and the book went to #1 on Amazon for 3 weeks in Real Estate and Mortgages. Investors and real estate agents are buying them by the case to educate local retirees how to become a “bank” to local investors and self-employed borrowers.

The book teaches retirees how to fund 1st position mortgages at no more than 80% LTV (most of mine are less than 70% LTV). The loans typically pay between 6% and 7% compared to the 0.2% they earn at the bank. Not many investments can lose 30% of their value and you still have all your money!

Borrowers are qualified by licensed lenders and put down 15% or more (I often take a 2nd position note behind the retirees).

I speak nationally at investor meetings and conferences across the country, have a note mentoring business with coaching members in 26 states, and created software to structure the note deals we create ( I host a conference each year in October to share new things I’ve learned. We donate 100% of the proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Since 2009, we’ve raised over $500,000 to help local kids! For information on my next conference (October 14-15, 2022), go to