Byron McBroom and Melanie Sikma

One Stop Tax Strategists


Husband/Father/Grandfather. Byron loves to snow ski, mountain bike, road bike, and backpack with friends and family. When asked if he had any hidden talents he said, “I can’t be killed. I’ve drowned. I’ve been stabbed. I’ve been in an avalanche, I’ve been in cardiac arrest, and had a huge tree fall on me.” Need we say more?  

He has been happily married for 38 years and has three children, all grown and out of the house. He also has 4 grandchildren and that has been a great new adventure. 

Byron McBroom has been a CPA for 37 years. He always thought of himself as an entrepreneur but after attending a Tony Robbins event, he discovered that he was an Artist, and Tax is his art! 

He specializes in creating and discovering creative tax strategies to save entrepreneurs and investors an incredible amount on their tax bill. One event in particular resulted in a client receiving a one-million-dollar tax refund through amending his returns. 

He has been told by clients that during the financial crisis, sometimes the savings from tax planning was the largest source of their income.  

Byron realizes how incredibly emotional finances can be and does all he can to eliminate financial stress for those he serves. He has been told by 4 different people that they would have committed suicide had it not been for him, and unfortunately, one person succeeded. 

He prides himself on helping business owners pay as little tax as legally possible through innovative tax solutions, such as his Multi-Entity Deferral Program, which allows clients to determine for themselves how much they want to pay in tax this year.


Melanie is a wife to her husband Bill, mother to 2 beautiful and crazy girls, and daughter to Byron McBroom, one of our other speakers. She is addicted to coffee, loves to learn new hobbies, stay active in her local church, sing, write music, travel, and spend time with those she loves.  

Melanie grew up listening to Byron talk about tax and financial strategies with his business-owning friends on camping trips. His excitement for helping entrepreneurs make their dreams come true led her into working for him at his CPA firm.  

She noticed that over 30% of the clients she met with did not have proper protection or future planning in place and obtained her life insurance license to help meet these needs. After intense study in regard to properly structured cash value life insurance, she realized how crooked the industry is, and made it a goal of hers to ethically set up her client’s policies to benefit their cash value more than her commission, every single time. Two separate times auditing her clients’ current policies saved them cash value of over $2 million each!  

Through several years of meeting with a vast variety of entrepreneurs and investors, Melanie discovered how everyone has unique needs depending on where they are at in their professional journey. Melanie and her sister, Tiffany McBroom, formed One Stop Tax Strategists as a way to help as many entrepreneurs and investors as possible: connecting their clients with the best tax and financial professional fit for them.   

She loves to help her clients pay as little tax as legally possible and utilize that extra money to accelerate their dreams.