Dr. Chandler George, DC — Dr. Real Estate Investor, Catch Fire Coaching

Dr. Chandler George, DC, is not your typical healthcare professional. With over 30 years of experience in the alternative health care industry, Dr. George has established himself as a trusted expert in the field. His family, who also work in healthcare, owned one of the first Medspa models in Texas back in 1980.  Since then, Dr. George has started and sold seven healthcare businesses, all while using the power of the internet to grow and sell.  

At CatchFireCoaching.com, Dr. George offers highly effective consulting services to alternative, cash-based doctors who seek to make their practices more lucrative. He has special expertise in and  advises on genetics, longevity, nutrition, supplements, and self-directing energy systems through mind, body, and spirit.  

Dr. George’s knowledge and skills extend beyond the realm of healthcare. He is also an accidental real estate investor, with ownership in self-storage, SFH notes, and a few dozen rentals. He provides strategic advice on self-storage and helps simplify the acquisition or growth process for individuals interested in the industry. In fact, he co-founded Self-Storage Masterminds with a partner in 2015 to help other self-storage owners.  

Dr. George’s passion for sharing his knowledge and experience with others is evident in his various publications, including “Ageless Energy Health,” “How to Feel 22 at Any Age,” and “How to Heal Your Self-Directing Energy Systems.” He offers direct-to-consumer advice on these topics and is an inspiration to anyone seeking to improve their health, wealth, and overall well-being.  

Don’t miss the chance to be inspired by a peer who has done a few things right and can show you how to do the same. Check out Dr. George’s session at https://www.self-storage-mastermind.com/session and see for yourself how he can help raise cap rates and valuations on your properties.