Derek Louw  

Derek Louw is a spring chicken born in California in 1962 into a family of immigrants from the Netherlands. He has since lived in Washington State, Oregon and now resides in Idaho. A West Coast guy. He is a father and grandfather of a small tribe with a passion for helping people achieve their dreams.  

Starting out in life working for the Department of Fish and Wildlife in 1980 Derek went on to get a degree in marketing, did a stint with IBM, managed a series of small businesses and then found his passion in the credit world. Derek Louw has been in the credit services industry as a consultant and educator since 1998. He founded Consumer Credit Auditors in 2001 and is currently pioneering the use of the Quantum Matrix Dispute technology to help consumers and lenders ensure that their credit reports are accurate, much to the chagrin of the credit bureaus. 

Since starting in the credit world Derek has been involved in mortgage lending and commercial loans and has helped over 10,000 consumers getting in a position to borrow money effectively.

His true passion is helping people control their credit scores. The credit reporting industry has changed significantly since the onset of Covid. Derek has worked diligently to navigate these waters and will get you up to speed in where it is now how to use this to benefit yourself and your clients.