Jake Carpenter  

Jake Carpenter has worked in the financial services industry for 14 years.  He began his career in financial services with New York Life.  A seasoned professional, he specializes in insurance planning, investment services,  capital gains tax deferral strategies, estate planning, business succession, wealth transfer, and asset management. Jake’s niche market is real estate investment placements in income-producing Real Estate Investment Trust projects.  He is respected amongst his peers and has earned numerous industry awards. 

As an educator, Jake excels in customer service and is passionate about equipping his clients, through education, to make optimal decisions for reaching their financial goals.  From improving their current financial position, to reducing potential risk and creating diversity, Jake ensures that his clients understand all their options.

Jake was raised in North Central Washington.  Originally, a career police  officer, he attended Washington State Law Enforcement Academy, and was recognized with honors and awards.  He gained experience working in  Special Weapons & Tactics (S.W.A.T.).  After changing his career pathway to financial services, Jake attended and graduated courses from Harvard     University in Business and Finance, through NYLIC University.

When he’s not at work, Jake enjoys boating with his wife, family, and friends.  He also enjoys cooking and weight training with his wife. Jake believes that personal discipline and hard work are important to achieve success. He holds to this philosophy in his professional life as well.  He believes in producing powerful and lasting results by connecting individuals to the appropriate resources and strategies that work for them.