Justin Bogard  

Justin got his start in the real estate industry the way many people do in today’s world – by watching HGTV and finding inspiration in the fix and flip shows. In those early days, he worked as a wholesaler, fix-n-flipper, and landlord, but it soon became clear that dealing with the headache of tenants, turnover, and contractors just wasn’t for him.  

Continuing to pursue his passion for real estate, yet realizing the HGTV path of sweat equity wasn’t as glamorous as it appeared, Justin began exploring the world of real estate notes. He soon realized that this was his way forward and that all those years as a flipper were just preparation for his dream career as a real estate note investor.  

Justin’s company, BrightPath Notes, educates both new and seasoned investors alike in cutting-edge methods for producing cash flow from properties without actually having to own them. In essence, they help investors escape the stress of being landlords and teach them how to become the bank instead. Since its founding, BrightPath Notes has helped hundreds of people find the financial freedom they crave through passive income streams that generate real wealth for their families.  

Besides being the Founder and President of BrightPath Notes, Justin is the host of the “Be The Bank”, podcast that shares insights and practical knowledge of owning a real estate note. He was also a contributing author to the Amazon #1 bestseller, Real Estate Without Renters. In 2018, he started a real estate note Meetup that now has over 1,000 followers and is being broadcast live every month on the BrightPath Notes YouTube Channel.  

Justin is a sought-after speaker and presenter at local, regional, and national real estate events and conferences. He has won case study competitions for performing loans and was also Note Investor of the Year in 2020. He is continually looking for ways to increase his scope of influence, all with the hope of helping as many people as he can create stable financial futures for themselves through the power of savvy real estate investing.