Kelly Clark  

In 2019, Kelly Clark returned to the workforce after raising her kids. She met a few investors and immediately fell in love with residential real estate investing.

In order to fast-track her learning about investing, she immediately implemented two career-hacks. First, she went to work for an investor who is also a highly respected mentor to other investors. Through the daily work with the investor/mentor, she rapidly learned from his years of experience. She calls this mentor-hacking (when you get a mentor to pay you!) The second boost to her informal education began when she started hosting a local investor meet-up group in October 2019. Through networking, she has gotten to know many local experts and spend quality time with each of them at her networking group. She couldn’t necessarily call up the best of the best and ask each one to give up one evening every month to teach her, but she could invite them to share their wisdom and knowledge with a group.

In a few short years, Kelly has gained experience wholesaling, buying, selling, flipping, rentals, single-family homes, small multi-family properties, land, property management, and project management. She will be leading a workshop for new investors called Real Estate Investing 101. Bring your newbie questions!


As slow as I am and as much as I fall, I really should be snowboarding with a walker!